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Mission Statement

We are committed to a client-focused philosophy that is based on listening, understanding and helping our clients develop a strategy for their evolving financial needs. We match our client’s resources to their short, medium and long-term goals.

What makes
us different?

We believe that it’s not only how a wealth advisor utilizes the information and resources available, it’s the relationship and understanding you have with that advisor.

Our work ethic is simple and powerful. It is based on the value of collaboration. We work side by side with our clients, taking the time to understand their individual needs, goals and dreams.

It’s this deep understanding combined with a broad selection of resources and solutions that lay the foundation for your relationship with Claybourn Frakes.

In depth

We believe the way we work with our clients differs from many advisors providing financial services today. You have specific needs, time frames, tax brackets, priorities, responsibilities and life goals.

First and foremost, we invest the time to become fully informed of the particular circumstances surrounding your individual situation. Then, and only then, do we recommend investments, financial planning techniques and wealth preservation strategies tailored to your individual needs.

This approach enables us to construct a truly personalized plan to help you pursue your financial goals while preserving your wealth.

on course

We continually work together. You will keep us informed of changes in your financial situation and lifestyle, and we in turn keep you informed of the evolving financial landscape that can affect your situation. This open channel of communication provides you the information you need to make fully informed, educated financial decisions. Confident decisions that will help you stay the course to reach your goals.

You keep us informed of changes
in your financial situation.

We keep you informed of shifts
in the financial landscape.