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What most people may not realize is that not establishing a comprehensive financial plan is, in fact, making a decision to leave your situation unchanged.

The financial planning process is a system for creating, growing and preserving wealth. Most clients have some part of a plan in place, however, that plan is often incomplete. Each component of a properly implemented plan can require utilizing different strategies, structures and/or investment solutions.

With thousands of investment choices, varying opinions in the media and the ever-changing tax laws, trying to make decisions about your financial future and legacy can be quite overwhelming.

The first step toward a well-managed financial life is to become financially organized.

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Open communication between your professionals is in your best interest. We frequently work with our clients’ existing attorneys, CPAs, comptrollers and other fiduciaries, resulting in a plan that is tailored to your individual tax, estate planning, insurance and investment needs.

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An unmonitored financial plan and portfolio is no way to manage your financial future. We believe something as important as your hard-earned wealth deserves full-time professional attention. We monitor and review your plan on an ongoing basis to ensure the strategies and investments in place continue to fit your ever-changing lifestyle and financial needs.

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Our founding partner John Frakes is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA), The CEPA program was specifically designed for wealth advisors who work closely with owners of privately held companies. The principle focus of the CEPA designation is Value Acceleration and comprehensive Master Planning (Business, Personal, Financial).

We help our business owner clients Protect, Grow & Maximize the value of years of hard work for their and their loved one’s future.